Company Background

The establishment came about as a result of lack of quality, efficient youth providing such or similar services in a mining sector from our black communities. Specified in the mainstream markets (Lower end of the spectrum).

What we do

This company will act as a multi-faced venture in a sense that it'll serve as a mining & producer of chrome & other minerals, as well as social responsibility effort (Mind Diversion).


Commitment to quality and effectiveness in delivering and surpassing both consumers and clients expectations.


Caleni Group commits to produce high qualities of chrome, concentrate (met grade) that is marketed and sold to customers all around the globe in various high growth end-users segments.

Provide sustainable employment to develop skills in general levels and management throughout the areas we operate in.

Maintain our relationships with both our clients and stakeholders and grow with them.

Health & Safety Plan

We are committed to comply with all relevant legislations including occupational
environment laws and regulations, as well as the South African mining charter.

- Our safety focus goes beyond zero tolerance.

Personnel & Resources

We have personnel and resources necessary to provide the on going services.

A global footprint

As new & young as Ćaleni Group maybe, it has began a transform action into a mining company focusing on primarily on processing chrome concentrate (met grade).

Business competitiveness

Ćaleni Group has a young strong competitive team behind it that is actually from the local communities of South Africa which...

Service pledge

Ćaleni Group will deliver its services through the surrounding communities, it's governmental and foreign connects.